Tools for Owners, Landlords and Sellers

How is the Market?

I have data....lots of data.  I am posting up some of the stats for you to quickly look at, but please do not be shy about asking me for more detailed information about your home market.  I can flat overload you, or simply answer some specific questions. 

Tools for Buyers

Free Buyer's Guide Flipbook

Free Buyer's Guide PDF


If you are thinking about buying a home, this guide is packed full of useful information and facts about buying a home in Today's Market.  This version has been update in the Winter of 2015. 

Search Homes For Rent


I do help people find rental homes.  This is a direct link into the Realtor MLS that will allow you to find much more accurate information on rentals than any of the more famous websites.  Trust me when I say that this will be a much easier place to find a rental home. 

Search Homes For Sale


This is an MLS Direct real estate search.  You will have access to the exact information I have through the same system I use as a Realtor.  I would love to spend 5-10 minutes with you on the phone to help explain some of the more hidden, yet powerful, features. 

What is Your Home Worth?

There are lots of websites that will give you a computer's opinion of your home's value based on mathematical algorithms.  Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they miss.  I will give you a personalized report. 

Trusted Businesses

Directly Related to Real Estate Purchase or Sale

Are you looking for a team of people to help with your real estate purchase or sale?  Well, look no further.  I have spent the past decade or more looking myself and I have found them. 

Service Trades

Need someone reputable to come out and fix something?  Wanting to make some improvements to your property?  I may not have the biggest list of trades, but these are people that have proven to do good work in the past. 

Personal and Family

These are services less related to your home, but lets face it, finding a good doctor or the right place to get your hair cut is just as important when moving to a new area.  These are some people with a really good reputation. 

Getting Ready to Close and Move

Utility Companies

Not the best part of owning a home, but let's face it, who doesn't like hot and cold running water.  Not much to say, these are local utility companies.  I can help you with which ones you will need for your new house. 

Change Your Address

You will need to let the Post Office know you are moving.  As well, start to collect every bill, magazine and such that comes in.  Be ready for a day of fun as you let them all know about your new address. 

While In Escrow

Arizona Residential Buyer Advisory

When you are buying a home, the Attached Buyer Advisory is a great tool to help you with your inspections and due diligence during your inspection period.

Home Warranty Companies

Protect your home. Even after the perfect home inspection and tons of research much can go wrong with a home after you take ownership of the property.  3rd Party Home Warranty companies exist to aid in some of the unknowns of buying a resale home. 

Would you be willing to help support a local Arizona charity?

Sunshine Acres

The mission of Sunshine Acres is to provide a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children that are separated from their parents.  I have been blessed enough to participate in a huge event every summer where we take 50-60 children to the lake for a day of boating and water sports.  As I get to know some of the children and see the quality of their lives under unfortunate parental situations I am convinced this is an amazing charity very deserving of donations and support. 

Foothills Food Bank

Their mission is simple, to assist the hungry and in-need in the Foothills area.  The North Valley is often thought of as area of well-to-do suburbs with residence that are getting along just fine.  This is true for many of the residence in the area, but not for all.  The Foothills Food Bank quietly assists many families in Anthem, Black Canyon City, Carefree, Cave Creek, Desert Hills, New River, North Scottsdale, North Phoenix and Rio Verde that are trying to overcome financial challenges. 

Search Land for Sale 


I do help people find rental homes.  This is a direct link into the Realtor MLS that will allow you to find much more accurate information on rentals than any of the more famous websites.  Trust me when I say that this will be a much easier place to find a rental home. 

Preferred Partners

There is a small number of people that I have had the opportunity to do business with for a long time and/or have done a high number of transactions with.  The people on this list are Preferred Partners because I have learned through the years they can be trusted.  

Moving Companies

I have included links to truck rental options and moving companies.   

Foothill Animal Rescue

Foothills Animal Rescue serves the needs of animals.  They are always in need of food and monetary donations.  There are good opportunities to volunteer with this wonderful organization.  They always have an immediate needs list on their website.  There are opportunities to adopt animals as well. 

White Envelope Project

Homelessness is an ever growing problem for many individuals.  As we drive the streets of our cities we see people on the corners asking for help.  This is one of the simplest and best ways to help that I have seen.  There are good reasons to help someone in need. I could quote spiritual or religious reasons.  We could say it is just the right thing to do.  We can admit that deep down we know we have to.  We justify ignoring people in need by telling ourselves that they will just buy booze with our handouts,  This is a simple, yet genius way we can help.  

Landlord Page

If you own a rental property you likely already know pretty much everything you need to know about having tenants live in a home you own, but I would encourage you to spend a minute reading a little about disclosures and documents you have to use in Arizona.   

Free Seller's Guide Flipbook

Free Seller's Guide PDF

I have put together a Seller's Guide to selling a home in Today's Market.  This is my Winter 2015 guide.  Download a copy today. 

Come and Socialize

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is an Open Business Networking Group.  We meet every two weeks for an open discussion and/or structured learning.  We discuss topics like Lead Generation, Marketing, Advertising, Business Planning, Goal Setting, Networking, Client Care, Database Marketing, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Direct Mail and Client Appreciation Programs.  Each discussion is lead and/or instructed by a business professional whom excels in that topic.  On top of learning ways to improve your own business you will also have an opportunity to meet and network with other professionals in the area.  The location is subject to change as the group size fluctuates and based on presenter’s needs for presentation equipment.  The cost is $10 with all the proceeds going to a local charity.

Thirsty Thursday

The Third Thursday of every month has been designated as Thirsty Thursday.  This is simply a Happy Hour where we can kick back, relax and catch up.  We meet every Third Thursday at a changing location from 4:30-6:00pm.  Since the location changes, just reach out to me and I will get you added to the master invite list. 

My Amazing Blog

I just started blogging at the end of January, but I will use this as a place to post information about the market on an ongoing basis. 

Monthly Email

Housing is such an important topic and I am always keeping an eye on the market for my current and past clients.  I send out a great monthly email that will help you stay on top of shifting trends and better understand what is going on with local housing.